The co-creation workshop in Greece: brainstorming ideas for learning ecologies and potential challenges

On 11 July 2023, Ellinogermaniki Agogi (EA) organised the first SLEs co-creation workshop in Greece – held as part of the SALL Summer School 2023.

The event began with an introduction to the project, outlining its main goals and methods. Participants then formed groups to brainstorm ideas for creating Learning Ecologies in school education, addressing either local or global issues. They also explored potential partnerships to bring these ideas to life. During this creative process, the groups were encouraged to incorporate interactive tools, such as programmable boards, elaborate on STEAM subjects, and define relevant learning objectives. The ideas generated during this session will play a crucial role in shaping future Ecologies.

The group identified challenges in implementing the SLEs approach. Despite recognizing its great potential for engaging learning activities, obstacles included the need for inclusiveness of all learners, emphasizing the development of a curious mindset about science rather than mere knowledge acquisition. Remaining challenges were curriculum constraints, insufficient teacher training and resources, and a lack of motivation or incentives. Participants noted the difficulty of adopting an interdisciplinary STEM approach, given the reluctance of national curriculums to shift from STEM to STEAM attitudes, particularly during the transition from primary to secondary education. In conclusion, the group emphasized the importance of regular co-creation workshops to exchange ideas and share best practices, essential for refining upcoming Ecologies!

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