Exploring STEAM Learning Ecologies: Highlights from the CONNECT Open Schooling Conference

Held at the Museo de la Ciencia CosmoCaixa in Barcelona, Spain, the CONNECT International Conference on Open Schooling (CICOS 2023) was a successful event, gathering educators, researchers, and policymakers from around the world to discuss innovations in Open Schooling practices. The conference achieved its objectives of spreading open schooling practices, enhancing education quality, aligning with Sustainable Development Goals, and fostering global collaboration. Participants explored the potential of open schooling to revolutionize education, with a focus on digital and green innovation and the presentation of high-quality abstracts showcasing transformative practices. The conference left attendees inspired and committed to advancing the open schooling movement for a more inclusive, innovative, and sustainable future in education.

SLEs was presented at the the event by Pere Vilanova and Stephanos Cherouvis from Ecsite, who focused on the novel concept of a Learning Ecology as the physical, social, and cultural context that facilitates diverse learning in a variety of programs, across institutions and places, allowing people different and multiple ways to engage with science, as well as other disciplines, and taking ownership over their own learning as they grow and gain more experience. Successful learning ecologies require robust collaborative synergies and networks to optimize opportunities across a range of structures. They also rely heavily on educators and organisations who think beyond their own institutions and who take collective action at community level, offering learning opportunities and addressing epistemic inequalities. 

Stay tuned for more SLEs events and content.

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