SL2E International Summer School 2024

The SL2E International Summer School 2024 introduces its participants to concepts, methods, practices, and policies centered on the intersection of STEAM learning ecologies, open schooling, living labs, and out-of-school science learning.

The Summer School prepares practitioners and decision makers to catalyse positive change in education. It inspires and empowers them to open up schools and other learning spaces to the society and current challenges, working together with the community to address common problems, fostering learners’ initiative, creativity and expression, and creating inclusive paths for everyone within continuums of learning opportunities.

Thanks to an organic link to Europe’s current efforts to improve science education, the SL2E International Summer School 2024 offers its participants an empowering framework and unique practice opportunities to explore and engage in state-of-the-art ways to turn schools and other learning spaces into catalysts of positive change within their local communities.

Throughout a week rich in lectures, seminars, workshops, peer interaction as well as social activities, Summer School participants design and develop their own open schooling-inspired, living lab-based, STEAM education-related projects and initiatives, with their own aspirations, needs and conditions in mind.

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