Explore the co-creation workshop for Pedagogical Co-design in Cyprus

The University of Cyprus (UCY) organized its first STE(A)M Learning Ecology (SLEs) co-creation workshop, held virtually on 17 October 2023. The event gathered participants of any kind, including SLE project partners, educators, policymakers, and science museum professionals. The workshop aimed to discuss effective pedagogical design in SLEs, underline the importance of learning resources, and present a prototype SLE – the “Butterfly Monitoring Scheme in School Gardens and Ecosystems“.

The session started with an introduction to the SLEs’ vision and objectives, followed by a presentation on how to engage learners in SLEs through participatory pedagogical design. Participants were asked to respond to the question: “What are the key determinants of effective pedagogical design in an SLE?”. Next, the group discussed the most important learning resources features for a meaningful engagement.

The workshop successfully promoted an interesting exchange of ideas that could be proposed to the students participating in SLEs!

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